Inside the NBA: Texas Shooting Reactions

The Inside crew discusses the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas and what comes next.


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  1. Outlaw guns and 100 years from now the people will be even more slaves to the government than they are now. Democrats will own you. They are already forcing you to call a man in a dress a woman or lose everything you have. You can't let fear and weakness sway your opinion on guns. When the government over reaches you need the ability for bloody revolution. That's how this works. This ain't Star Trek were everybody lives in utopia.

  2. The fact that this is becoming a normal thing scares me, honestly at this point these shootings don't make me feel sad anymore. It's almost as if i have been climatized to shootings. Things have to change.

  3. Flat Earth is the answer. If more people knew the truth the Earth is flat & outerspace is fake, it makes Earth a special spot instead a tiny dot in a ever expanding universe.

    It makes everyone more significant, it makes everyone's decisions more significant.

    The mental health for a lot of these people are that they don't feel important. If people knew how important they are & how important their decisions are, there would be no wars & people would be less inclined to hurt another.

  4. Ernie talking about "the parents not allowing access to their guns to one of their kids" shows a cultural disconnect between "country folk" and city folk". I used to leave my deer rifle in my truck going to high school in order to go hunting after class and I would keep a shotgun or pistol on my person while working on the ranch for snakes and such. A gun is a tool. A lot of young aren't raised right anymore. Teaching and promoting morality and civility has fallen by the wayside and that needs to change.

  5. All guns must be handed in, any people found still keeping the guns are found $50,000 per gun, and any re-offender will be thrown to jail for a month. With this law, they can massively reduce guns holder by heaps, you might say then you cant defend yourself, but hey, most of gun crimes are driven by impulse and family arguement

  6. Get rid of guns then people start stabbing, bombing, running each other over, etc. That is, if the gun laws even succeed in keeping firearms out of the hands of those who will use them for killing. It's a people problem.

  7. I believe the issue is much bigger than gun control. Our society has accepted and embraced killing as entertainment. From movies, TV shows, video games down to all game night games that my kids get invited to are all about glorifying killing. Mafia, Werewolf, and Two Rooms and a Boom are all games that my kids were invited to participate in this week. They seem harmless, but are all centered around killing. I'm not really for or against gun control, but I am against feeding our minds with material that focuses on killing. Laws are important, but they can only do so much. It's the morals of a society that keep it safe.

  8. yeah all those selfish kids not telling someone there is a problem kid there is the issue. you are one of the out of touch old men Ernie

  9. 288 school shootings in America, 2 in Canada, 1 in China, 0 in Switzerland. It's true psychological issues are prevalent and in EVERY country, but that's definitely not the whole issue.

  10. If lawmakers don't want to change the law, then we as citizens should stop voting for these unaccountable politicians, especially republicans who take donations from the NRA.

  11. I don't know how someone so dumb continues have the ability to speak in public about serious issues when he doesn't do any research any investigation or honestly really cares. I've seen Charles Barkley on number news outlets radio shows and Philadelphia radio shows in Miami speaking on serious topics and he is the dumbest person. Stick to basketball. You definitely sound like a Republican and that's why when you had your special you notice all the people hated you as soon as you start to open your mouth because you were just there with no knowledge no experience and no research

  12. The parents are responsible for not raising a psychopath. Laws, voting and daddy government will never replace good communities and good parenting. The kid broke several gun/weapons laws by committing this shooting, so more laws is not the answer.

  13. most of all these school shooters were bullied that's why they do what they do we need to focus more on the bulling rather than the guns if it wasn't for the bully's they will be no guns involved.Because they fell like killing is the only way i do know the teachers tell the bully's not the be bulling but of course they still don't listen until something tragic happens like this then there protesting and crying even though they bullied that person! #FocusOnBulling

  14. Umm, sure, we can vote this problem out of existence. Kerr and these others are clueless. Barkley is pretty spot on. We give political elites just a tad too much credit. Also, how many shootings has there been in Chicago this year? Why aren't we talking about that again?

  15. Parents are letting the internet raise their children. Even in schools the kids are on computers/phones.Very little human interaction lack of humanity. Worst of all parents just want to be ‘friends’ and not ask hard questions and say ‘NO’… kids nowadays just don’t ‘earn’ the right to do things because parents are just giving it to them with no rules or system in place

  16. When they took Christianity out of schools, instilled atheistic teachings, and didn't hold kids accountable for their actions, this began the onslaught and beginnings of a culture not fearing retribution from God but rather, revenge, evil, and hatred. Just what the devil ordered…

  17. They are talking about changing gun laws, but what change needs to happen? This kid used a shotgun and revolver. Chuck is right. Lastly, I am a middle school teacher and we have 550 kids and 1 counselor. Our kids have issues and problems, many from foster care. Family erotion and lack of support in my opinion is causing this.

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