Inside the NBA: Rockets Win Game 2

The Inside crew breaks down the Rockets Game 2 win over the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.


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  1. Anyone remember how many Step-Back 3's Curry use to make ? I Don't even see one anyone, because he no longer has to create his own shot ever since KD joined. Curry has gotten to reliant on Durant.

  2. Steph curry was definitely injured this game. He didn’t want to embarrass cp0 for a second straight game. Next game stat like for curry – 50 points, 8 rebound and 14 assists. 8/9 from 3. Warriors in 4 mark my words.

  3. I turned on the game in the 4th quarter and thought the Warriors were gonna comeback. But then the Rockets started hitting every single 3. This just makes a casual basketball fan like me amazed by how good the team is all-around. They were deadly and the Warriors couldn’t stop them. I think GSW and HOU will split the 2 games in Oracle, and HOU will win game 5 but GSW will win game 6. Game 7 is a tossup but if both teams have played like how they’ve played this entire series, then HOU will probably win. But you never know. I’ll be excited for the outcome and I’m hoping for a good series, but it’d be nice to have a different finals matchup for a change lol.

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