INSIDE THE NBA: Can The Jazz Stay Alive?

The Inside The NBA crew talks about what the Utah Jazz need to do to get back into the series against the Thunder.


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  1. What Chuck is trying to say is the Jazz can't score enough to keep up with OKC, and although the Rockets score a lot as well, that's all OKC is good at too so they have a chance against them. OKC is a pure scoring team, so their worst matchup are teams that are decent at both defense and offense.

  2. Donovan Mitchell is great but doesn't have a high ceiling.
    For all his dunks has very undersized and thick…if he gains weight which naturally happens with time it can really limit his ability. I don't see a huge improvement like 28ppg. I think he'll stay around 20-23ppg and have a great career.

  3. Paul George isn't going to have games like that every night. Next game Anthony, George and Westbrook could shoot 30%. Even with George shooting the lights out and being at home Thunder only won by 8.

    What if they have a bad shooting night in Salt Lake? Jazz will dominate them.

  4. Man Barkley treating the Jazz like they shouldn’t be in the playoffs.

    Calling it now. If (if) the Jazz win the series Barkley will blame OKC for not playing well. Not give the Jazz credit for being a good team.

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