Insane African Scammer STALKS His Victim

This woman was scammed out of $6,000 by an African guy on facebook. She LOSES it when the scammer back to threaten her and ask for more money.

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  1. I understand that the scam revolves around the $6000 deposit bouncing, and in turn sending 3k of her actual account balance to the scammer. What I wonder though, is if she could have withdrew it in cash and been scott free.

  2. The girl is one of them dumb ass people that mouth will get her and her man hurt cuz she don't want to shut up and back down. Way too many girls wanna act tough until shit gets real and they can't hang when the violence comes.

  3. Just letting everyone know he is white. Arabs, North (non Sub Saharan) Africa, Middle East, whatever IS Caucasian. Caucasoid skull shape. Like British, Germans, or Caucasoid mountains in Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia (the country not the state), etc


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