@IamAkademiks Smokepurpp says Lil Yachty is a Top 10 Rapper. Yachty cosigns and says he can outrap most ppl.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Smokepurpp says Lil Yachty is a Top 10 Rapper. Yachty cosigns and says he can outrap most ppl.

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  1. Tory Lanez is a mediocre rapper and Yatchy is probably on the exact same level as him, if not better. You want bars Ak, go listen to Tech N9ne, Twisted Insane, Brotha Lynch Hung.. these are lyricists.

  2. One shitty mumble rapping fagot said that another shitty mumble rapping fagot is in the top 10 category? All I see is a circle jerk of fad chasing talentless hacks. He might be one of the top 10 mumble rappers, but comparing him to actual respected rap and hip hop artists through out history is like comparing a dry piece of dog shit to your grandmothers thanksgiving dinner.. in other words, there is no comparison. Lil Yachty doesn’t measure up to that of a Nas, Biggie or even Kendrick Lamar. These kids listening to this shit are about as original as a fucking Tyler Perry movie. Oh, they like Lil Yachty so they probably like that garbage too.

  3. Those dudes you mentioned are not the new generation, they are the last especially herbo. Anyways that’s not who yachtys speaking of anyway. He’s talking about the actual new ppl

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