@IamAkademiks Safaree Robbed at Gunpoint for $183,000. Says he will Help Cops solve case and Arrest Robbers.


DJ Akademiks Speaks on Safaree being robbed at Gunpoint for $183K in Cash and Jewelry. Says he will Help Cops solve case and Arrest Robbers.

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  1. First of all safaree ain't trying to please or cater to what niggaz think, his fan base is women so he does everything so women will watch and look out for him so calm down niggaz this ain't your beef or worry in hiphop

  2. I don't understand what's so complicated about a nigga being street and allowing good cops to do their Jobs ..if you Rob me and get away and skip town we enemies for life fuck you lol and the womb you came out of ….I hope you get caught and I will assist the cops in doing it ..but the flip side to the coin is this ..if I get the drop on you and catch you slipping you can give up merchandise you stole from me ..plain and simple ..nothing wrong with using law enforcement for your benefit ..when someone fucks u over

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