@IamAkademiks Houston Police Issue Arrest Warrant for 6ix9ine after Fan Tells Police he got choked out by 6ix9ine.

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  1. Funny thing is his anger lashing out at that "Lil Kid" is going to be the same thing Cass gonna do to him for doing the same thing. Nighaz can dish it but can never take it

  2. The kid didn't call him a pedophile. I'm sorry DJ Dicks yousa bitch! Frfrfr…. Look at how you twist a story. The boy was a fan and 69 bitch ass was running from all the LA niggas, and the boy started filming him while 69 wasn't try to let none of the LA Goons find out his location. And he went off. Nigga u know what the fuck happen.

  3. Found the softest scariest fan and mysteriously got tough! Idc wut the little fuck said. I always believed if u actually know u can whoop someone your a bully if u intimidate or whoop em.

  4. Probably gettn his ass whooped everyday after school.. he should be at least.. thats why Ima have keep a couple young hittas around me to take care of the lil homies who think they slick

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