@IamAkademiks Drake admits to Fathering a Child w/ a Former Pornstar on ‘Scorpion’ and Denies being a DEADBEAT!

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  1. Lol Drake says he is not a deadbeat, but only saw the kid once? Sure, you send some money every now and then, but being a deadbeat means that you aren't personally there for your son. My dad was never there for me, he only sends me money from time to time, but never personally sees me, he is a deadbeat, and Drake, you a deadbeat

  2. stop it -.- its none of your buisness if drake has a kid or not …i would hide it from the world too …the baby will grow up chased from paparazzis becaus of people like you all ! Congratulation …TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BUISNESS how old are you??

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