@IamAkademiks Cardi B states she’s the King of New York and Defends it ‘It Aint Got Nothing 2 do w/ Rapping’

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  1. One thing that she need to understand that biggie smalls will forever be the king of New York. Like if it wasn't for him, majority of these rappers from New York City would be rapping right now. Like he's raised to stepping stone for New York rappers to get out there

  2. Someone like bhad baby could say she's the king of NY and no one would give a fuck, the fact that this little one line is getting this much reaction proves she got y'all niggas scared

  3. Bit chez cant be kingz… Bit chez cant get head!, bc they got clits. Do you hear niggz talkn bout they da queen of this or that? Hoes and dikes are stupid!

  4. y'all are talking about how she named her kid Kulture but no one bats an eye when Jamie Oliver names his tenth kid "Honey Gelato Tittysuckle" and shit…

  5. This nigga Ak be Riding Dick She aint no fuckin King neither is that Color haired Faggot clearly Dave East got that shit on lock and Young Ma real heavy spitters along wit A boogie and Don Q

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