i lost

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I wanted you to hear this from me.
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  1. Didn’t even lose 2 points he got points for the knockout and then 2 points off for the illegal punches to make it a fair match again it’s Logan’s fault for not winning the rest of the match

  2. To many people in the comment section dont really understand boxing. If a professional told them that logan did win theyd still deny it and be like YO BUT KSI GOT KNOCKDOWN TOO but he didnt. People just need to relax lmao

  3. The 2 points was the right decision u held his head and hit him when he was down 2 times and how many times did he tell u to stop putting his head under your arm and u carry on

  4. Bro I’m British, I was rooting for you. Just because ksi is British and we are British doesn’t mean the entire country will back him like you think, we can choose who we support, as individuals, and I know many who were backing you too. The boos from both American and British fans were not fair, and to be honest I just think some people are sheep.

  5. I can see YouTube boxing taking over those boxers who started from the bottom and are trying to make a career out of it but get outshined
    Unless they themselves become YouTubers

    (Maybe, just a thought).

  6. Even the “slightest” tap to the back of the head can be fatal. Life threatening fatal due to the brain being hit. Its called a coward punch. Google it


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