i cant do this anymore

i just cant

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  1. want to know the funniest shit…. it clearly shows in the texts several days past from their first conversation, in that time he could have clearly seen it and decided not to do anything with following her. Deji your a fing joke……

  2. 8:28 I have never seen Deji like this… To think these guys came from great videos back in the day and now they are having this conflict. It’s sad man brothers and sisters should stick by each other everyday and every siblings have aguements but this is major. Hopefully you guys will work it out with each other but if you want to you have to work together….

  3. Stop acting like you're suffering . If you do , then you deserved it honestly . Stop blaming someone else for shits you've done . That is really² not cool . I used your words against you . So think about that .


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