How Do You Truly Forgive Someone

How do you trust people who’ve hurt you? Do you struggle with forgiveness? How do you let it go?
Did you see the time I took a friendship test?!
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  1. ain't you sick and tired complaining about your period every month , How did you get green card for the USA. You only visiting USA. did you get married for green card

  2. I must have really hit the nerve of truth for you to delete/hide my main comment. Not a single derogatory sentence or swear word at all. Just plain truth – generalized truth on forgiveness, but someone must have felt real guilt about it. I wonder who.. Good luck with that..

  3. lol ik how u feel about the getting in shape thing lilly, its especially hard with all these weddings and programs u have to go to as an indian person like the food is too good not to eat

  4. I get what you're saying but think you can give those two meanings different names: forgiving and moving on. You can move on but refuse to trust the person who hurt you. Forgive yourself&stop blaming yourself bc you simply didn't know better&couldn't have avoided it, but you don't have to forgive the person who hurt you.

  5. For me I couldn't trust no one (even if they trusted me) because I was too scare that they betrayed me, even so, no one has ever betrayed me, I felt that, buy lately I've been trying to trust those who trust me


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