@HOT97 ‘This is America aka Crazytown’

Ebro in the Morning has an honest conversation about some of the biggest issues in the United States right now including the Trump administration separating children from their family at the border, the executive order, and the lack of a plan to reunite the children with the families.

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  1. I need to ask Rosenberg if he remembered Elian Gonzalez. Ebro makes no sense. If America broke your country, why would you run to America, the very country that started what caused your pain? Ebro is the smartest sounding stupid person on the Radio

  2. Every time y’all talk about Hilary y’all forget them “super predators” comments and that she and her husband are responsible for millions of black men being in jail

  3. With all this space activities nobody stop to think that maybe there collecting people to test them out in space or start a new generation in space cause they foresee something happening in 50 to 100 years so they doing what they think might be whats best for the world? I think movies are just commercials to prep us for things to come. Ebro not that crazy as it sounds

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