@HOT97 Kim Kardashian Gets Dragged + Woman Scoopity-Poop’s In Restaurant

Congratulations You Played Yourself | Ebro in the Morning

Kim Kardashian Gets Dragged Again
Woman Gets Angry & Goes #2 On A Tim Horton’s Floor Than Throws It At Workers

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  1. No lollipop or damn tea is going to work if you aren't eating heathy and excersizing on the daily. If there was dome magic cure we all would know because the company would be making more than Amazon

  2. Shut the f up forever Y’all dragging it Be mad at the stupid people buying the products and the maker of the product don’t be made at anyone for getting a bag

  3. You can go into any health store & find appetite suppressants. The lollypop isn't new. If people have body issues that bad then they shouldn't even be on IG looking at everyone's filtered, photoshopped 'perfect' bodies in the 1st place.

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