@HOT97 Jermaine Dupri Says ‘Never Scared’ & ‘Damn’ Remixes Are Inspirations Behind NY’s Sound Today

Jermaine Dupri came through Ebro in the Morning to look back at the 25 year legacy of So So Def.

They talked about some of the stories behind his biggest hits, writing music, and the upcoming tour this October. Who remembers a “Let’s Get Married” remix with a young Kanye West? How about when he brought Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey to Summer Jam!

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  1. If you're wondering why everyone is turning on Ebro & Rosenberg & calling them SJWs and all that junk, it's cause they constant spin anything Trump does and they refuse to have Candace owens on the show.

    Here's two things you need to YouTube search Hot97 viewers 2 get you off this democratic plantation and victim culture BS these dudes perpetuate.

    Larry Elder Dave Rubin Systemic racism – PhilosophyInsights

    White priveldge isn't really a thing – TheBlaze

    15 mins is all it takes

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