@HOT97 Is It Time To Boycott Every Starbucks In The Country?

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  1. I get what Ebro is saying but the issue is that they didn't ask everyone who was just sitting and not ordering to leave. but to cherry pick bas3d on skin is racist as hell and that's why those men didn't leave, they decided to take a stand.

  2. If you don't know why they were told to leave how can you assume it was an act of racism? They could have been disrupting the Starbucks or being rude etc yet we jump to racism as the conclusion

  3. if all our people in the civil rights fight thought like this, we would still be drinking from different water fountains, and if they had just left we wouldn't be talking about this today, racism is racism, and we need to stand our ground, other non black people were doing the same thing, they did nothing wrong, that's why they are being apologized to, the customer is always right that chick was wrong for asking them too leave, and she could have cost them their lives by calling the cops, now i hope they get paid for being humiliated

  4. It’s Starbucks policy that you have to buy something to be in their restaurant so I wouldn’t think there was any racial intent BUT the lady said on the 911 call that they looked “suspicious” which is NO DOUBT racist . But our people need to be smarter, not only because of the fear of our lives ending but in general if a police officer instructions something as long as it’s not harming you or damaging you JUST DO IT. I do not like police as a whole because I don’t believe they like our people … but I would do what they say , with my hands UP to avoid any issues ….

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