@HOT97 Is Beyoncé The New Generation’s Michael Jackson?

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  1. For Young people this generation and seeing what she accomplished at Coachella I don't see another artist this generation being able to compare to Beyonce. I'm not a Beyonce fan. I'm more of a Destiny's Child fan but you can't hate on the fact that Beyonce killed it and made history and Coachella.
    Now I was raised up on Michael Jackson my father was raised on the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson in my household when it comes to favorite artist Michael Jackson name and Janet Jackson name came up every time. So to me he can't be touched. Just like was mentioned the people who grew up on the Beatles would say that they can't be touched there's always a new artist every generation that comes and just conquerors the game. This is Beyonce's time. There will be another artist that comes and will be called the Beyonce of that particular generation. And hopefully we will all be around to see it that is if Trump doesn't call a nuclear war. Just had to throw that in.

  2. The guy who is say that they were not a black women like like this and they never seen anything like this dose NOT realize that at the 80’s there were not black ppl there
    Michael Jackson opened the door to Beyonce and others, fucking MTV wouldn’t allow any black artists on their channel, Michael changed it all, every single black artist have to know that Michael is the reason why they are here and the people have no right to compare anyone with Michael Jackson
    People are saying she’s the greatest of all time and it’s so stupid of them to say that
    Michael Jackson is number one and will always be number one
    And there is no Michael Jackson of this generation, there’s only one Michael Jackson and there will not be any one like him so just except this fact
    Beyonce made girls faint but Michael Jackson made big grown ass men fainted just by looking at him so please stop
    Oh and don’t call him jacko he is Jackson and the media did thins to him so the world will see him as a weird and strange when he did nothing but love and wanted to be loved back
    Did you listen to his songs? I’m not talking about Billie jean and thriller because most of you dose not know anything but them
    I’m talking about we are the world, heal the world, earth song, keep the faith, the lost children, childhood
    Who writes songs like this now? Exactly no one
    Now days there’s only songs about sex like it’s the most important thing when there’s more, much more
    But people still choose to judge him and he was the victim
    We never deserved Michael

  3. Beyonce is overrated, she’s closer to being on Chris Browns level than Michaels level. She’s good at making good radio hits but Michael was painting pictures with his voice.

  4. How can you be better than michael jackson when you've never wrote a song alone(still great). MJ wrote and produced Billie Jean enough said end of discussion

  5. Leave it up to the internet..smh People really need to go back to school and get comprehension skills. The question was is she THIS GENERATION MJ. Not is she better etc. People let their personal feelings about someone get in the way of being honest. There is nobody in music right now that can tour anywhere and give you the type of performance that she gives for 2 plus hours. And just like MJ she is known EVERYWHERE!! Chris Brown is not a household name EVERYWHERE! MJ wasn't the best vocalist of his time but he put on an amazing show just like Beyonce gives. People rather go to shows where the performer is a hour to 2 hours late and give a sub par performance instead of appreciating someone giving them their money worth.

  6. So most of the people in the comments have not seen her performance and didn´t get the question! Is she our generations Michael Jackson? Would mean a mega-, not from this earth-, quadruple- and so forth…superstar! The answer is a hell YES!! Chris Brown, people???? Seriously, wtf…. I really try to understand how you could even put them close? I really assume that people have gender- bias… Yes believe it, the Iconic figure today is a black woman! Facts!!! And i´m not even in the behive, just appreciating greatness…

  7. Beyonce is without a doubt the biggest artist of the past 20 years. She has been doing on the highest level of anyone else who has come since she began or after her. With that being said she is no Michael. He birthed this whole generation of artists. Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Beyonce and everyone else who does it. He was a star since the age of 10. He invented what you know as music videos today. Before him videos didn’t have storylines or choreographed dance moves. He was iconic. Beyonce is great and is iconic in her own right. She is the biggest artist of her generation unquestionably but MJ was the inspiration for it all. No album to this day has ever sold more copies than Thriller. Michael Jackson’s estate has generated over 4 billion dollars since he died. He is the highest earning celebrity ever even in death. Like I said Beyonce is great but she is not MJ

  8. Most men aren’t emotionally invested in Beyoncè. Her biggest fans are women and gays but Michael was loved universally. Everything about Beyoncé seems planned and mechanic but Michael was 100% him all the time. For that reason there’s a huge split in people who ‘love’ Beyoncè and those who don’t because it’s difficult to emotionally invest in her (and those who can, do it on a major level). That’s probably why her singles/album sales don’t equate to her notoriety because she really should be doing Adele numbers.

  9. Michel was his generations James Brown or Steve wonder, I don't get why ppl are confused, Beyonce is our generations janet/Michel Jackson, no one is saying she is better but they are absolutely on the same level

  10. Ppl feel uncomfortable about this conversation because nostalgia. If you KNOW music, and understand the nuances of what it takes to put on a show…you KNOW that Coachella performance was DIFFERENT…. it was music history. U can't be better than a god but you can BECOME a god…. Beyonce is a god…just like Prince… MJ…. JB….Stevie etc … There is 0 counter debate thats valid.

  11. I can understand the comparison. There really isn’t any other female at Beyoncé’s level from personal observation . And Michael is really one of a kind will never be replaced. In the end yes Beyoncé’s fame, longevity, creativity, etc is very close to MJs for this generation.

    The people who say she isn’t good are simply hating. There’s constructive criticism and then there’s pure hate and jealousy

  12. Michael is Michael, but at this point for me I am loving her pro-blackness, and all around audacity! And keep in mind she is only in her 30's! And regarding the Thriller moment, it was tremendous because it had never been done, but she upped the ante with Lemonade. I loved him, but I really love her!!

  13. How many hit songs has Beyonce solely “written & composed”?…name her signature dance move that everybody knows…name her album that single handedly change the landscape of the music industry?…if you can’t, then there is no discussion.

  14. Don't forget that anywhere in the entire world where Michael had his foot on the ground, chaos broke loose with huge crowds, media circus, police and sometimes the army and huge security forces, just total madness.. It didn't matter if he was in Russia, London, Amsterdam or New York, Japan or Africa even despite all the controversy. He was so magnetic. Nobody touches that level in my opinion.

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