@HOT97 Breaking Down The Immigration Crisis + Why Rachel Maddow Got Emotional On Air

The United States is separating children from their parents at the border. Ebro in the Morning broke down the situation and why Rachel Maddow broke down in tears at the end of her show on MSNBC.

For more details on the situation and how to help go here: http://bit.ly/2tpKfar

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  1. We as people we need be same page on police brutality and the immigration issue.These dentention centers are modern day concentration wake up people they want hungers games and president snow is pulling the strings.

  2. How do u fix this issue? I say just let the white man colonized mexico. If people are fleeing the place then why not take over the place they fleeing fix and gain the prophets. Its clear they can't do it.

    No need to build a wall that peoole gonna drill though. Or separate kids

    I feel bad but you knew the risk .

  3. Mr. Maddow is a buffoon and bad actor. No one cares when millions of black families were destroyed because of the unjust war on drugs. They didn't care about our families btw Flint water is still dirty but….the democrats party for black people allegedly doesn't care

  4. We also would have not seen this if Black people showed up like they did to vote Obama in to protect his legacy to vote Hillary in. Vote November. Vote so we can disarm this evil administration! Also, there is a movement globally of White Supremacy. We are running out of time, people!

  5. No one of color should sleep on stuff like this. When blk folks get shot down it's a person of color problem. If they do Hispanic people like this it's a person of color problem. If they can do it to one race they will do it to all. Civil rights helped all people of color. Get on board, if you aren't white help all people of color. Rights for one of us is rights for us all. Stop saying it's not me cause you don't know when they will pull your card.

  6. How about show sympathy y'all niggas saying hold ya own nuts 100% will not say that to a Hispanic face fa 1 and secondly this will affect everyone you think it's gonna stop at them fuk no it's a test run for what's coming if you don't stop the leak the whole roof gonna eventually cave in ignorance at its finest

  7. Exactly we need to advocate the liberation of my people. Please stop being cowards and petition Congress to authorize the invasion of Mexico. We can give my people the freedom they deserve.

  8. If you ask a white supremacist they'll say, "Hell these wetbacks can just walk in our country and get welfare and citizenship the same day"…..its funny how some can conveniently omit the truth just because it fits their narrative of HATE for anyone who isn't White.

  9. This reminds me of how many black families grew up without fathers because of the Democrats privatizing prisons, crime Bill, Welfare and feminism. All because of Democrats and Republicans shipping jobs overseas creating such Anarchy.

    This is sad and ignorant what the Trump Administration is doing but these families will be reunited in months at the very least.

  10. Broooooo what is going on right now is absolutely disgusting (the zero tolerance policy) but Maddow was faking that big time. Also Obama deported more people than any president in history and also was separating children. He didn’t do it as much as it is being done now though.

  11. WWIII is going to happen and  immigration is going to be a main cause. Countries in Europe are going thru the same situation as us. Its coming be ready

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