@HOT97 Breaking Down Kanye West’s Latest Twitter Rant & New Freestyle

Following a long tweet storm Wednesday, Ebro in the Morning breaks down his latest tweets, Ebro’s leaked texts, and the freestyle he released over night.

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  1. Rosenberg said the freestyle sounded like "Old Kanye" and then says it was trash. So does that mean he didn't like Old Kanye or he just fucked with Kanye because he thought Kanye was on his (Democrats) side?

  2. To Rosenberg's ponint, I 100% agree. Kanye doesn't want to be a part of the conversation, he wants to BE the conversation. His allusiveness, his antics are all calculated to maximize his brand. We all know the timing of all this is no coincidence. It's not easy being on top in today's hip-hop music market. Lil-pump is killing the youtube streams but we wouldn't dare compare him to a Kanye West. Kanye, like Donald Trump is only concerned with their base. Look at the demographics of the true supporters of both and you will see why. Go to a trump rally. Go to an Adidas Yeezy release and look at who's lining up.

  3. Kanye doesn’t support xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny or white supremacy all he did was look at trump and saw himself within him they are both rebellious, go against the grain and are anti establishment, that is what kanye supports imo that’s what he means by dragon energy but I’m not going to defend him kanye should come out and articulate himself better than he is, maybe we’ll get a better insight of what’s going on inside his head with the Charlemagne interview or his albums he has coming out.

  4. They are so close minded its ridiculous, Their hate for Donald Trump is so unwarranted and ignorant. You are bashing Kanye because of his Support of our President. You discredit his morality and try to make it seem like he doesn't actually care about any problems or that he went his whole life never seeing or experiencing what he is trying to fix, And whether he did or not is irrelevant to his desire to solve a problem. Just because I'm not a starving child in Africa doesn't mean I don't want that issue to be solved.

  5. We are both dragon energy he is my brother? Smh I really wanna know what happened to Kanye …I think Hollywood got to him and then Kim snatched him up at a vulnerable time and now he’s completely I don’t wanna say crazy but no one gets it

  6. Words are taken out or proportion..he doesnt read books cuz; history has all basically been written for us to believe all as facts, when none of us were there. We could be taught most history incorrectly

  7. Awwwww shut up. Kanye West may do something’s that we don’t agree with…but don’t pretend to be angels out here either. Stop putting ur emotions in ur listeners heads

  8. The butthurt is real. Maybe just maybe MAGA is not racist. Maybe it was labeled racist by the trolls. Rosenberg is weak and overemotional. Kayne is acting like a real man who makes his own decisions who doesn’t give a f what people think just like Trump.

  9. None of the people in this video know the politics. If you are a democrat you've been trained and indoctrinated to support policy based on feelings and emotions.

  10. I disliked this video before watching due to the previous' 'intolerance' of Kanye's 'dissenting' opinion.
    I'm ashamed now. This is actually very balanced. I've liked & subscribed!
    Just be fair to dissenting opinion.

  11. Its funny how they went to there callers after they spoke to hear what the listeners had to say and they thought the caller was going to agree with them, thats not what happened. Lmao!
    #EBRUH all he's saying is stop complaining and make your reality happen. Listen, we don't need to agree with everyone but listen to the message that works for you and open your mind up for growth. We all speak about LAW OF ATTRACTION but yet we wanna keep talking about the negativity and expecting different. If we keep talking about what we don't have, racism and negativity, thats what is going to be existing still in your world. Of course it will still happen and we should speak on it but to constantly use that as a shield is not good. Its like people using babies in the middle of there relationships, so thats why it should be done. No we work hard and master it and become needed and you earn your spot in life. Imagine if the Jewish community felt bad for themselves and keep talking about the past. They wouldn't be where they are today. They own almost everything. They're are plenty of kids from the projects who make it and make it big. Its easy to pint the finger and be lazy, I am a victim of that myself sometimes BUT acknowledging the reality after really breaking it down. Take responsibility and action. Now thats GROWTH ! We make our own world and path. @kanyewest @oldmanebro

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