@HOT97 Bhad Bhabie Feels Snubbed From XXL Freshman List + Donald Trump Shows Kim Jong Un A Movie Trailer?

Congratulations You Played Yourself | Ebro in the Morning

Donald Trump Gets Praised For Meeting With Kim Jong Un While Same People Attacked President Obama

Donald Trump Showed Kim Jong Un A Movie Trailer?

Ivanka Trump Tweets Fake Chinese Proverb

Bhad Bhabie Feels She Got Snubbed From XXL Freshman List

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  1. DNC & CNN are just as bad if not worse when it comes to hypocrisy and flip flopping as GOP & FOX are. If you think Democrats are better than republicans/vice versa then congratulations, you played yourself!

  2. All I got to say is that 1:24 and 1:25 are Priceless moment's on this. That was some serious DJ material. Ebro I don't know if you planned that but if did? Classic moment. I thought the sample was randomly through background but if that was placed? Essential DJ material.

  3. “ let’s go to Rosenberg now for that real hip hop insight”- Ebro. the moment I realized I shouldn’t even watch this for entertainment.

  4. Obama sent more drone strikes around the world than Bush. He destabilized an African nation (Libya). He gave 1.7 BILLION in cash to a country that funds terrorism (Iran). He was embarrassed in China when they have him no stairs or carpet for Air Force One. He allowed CEO's of bailed out companies to give themselves ridiculous bonuses. He spied on a private citizen for political purposes. Obama was a good campaigner, not a good President.

  5. I know You guys at Hot 97 read these comments… A change up is necessary. .. Bring back the beautiful young Brown women we never got a chance to fully know… Plz bring her perspective back…. Hot9 fr

  6. bhad bhabie nothing more than a spoiled twat with daddy issues. nobody gonna notice when she disappears cause nobody really took notice when she "blew up". she's gonna be like that macarena song 10yrs from now.. that celebrity that people vaguely remember and cringe when they do..

  7. Kim Jong-Un's father was BIG into Western movies. I'd imagine Kim Jong-Un is also interested, he went to school in Switzerland. The CIA probably knows this. Congratulations Hot 97, you played yourself talking about U.S. foreign policy you have no idea the history about. Rosenberg, if you wanna be educated, hit me up.

  8. They have no idea what they’re talking about. Suffering from trump derangement syndrome. Always hating, shits embarrassing. But we’re winning over here….see you pussies in 2020

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