@HOT97 August Greene On Kanye West, Past Beef + Merging Jazz & Hip Hop

The talented group of Common, and producers Robert Glasper and Karriem Riggins have come together as a group named August Green.

Common speaks on his thoughts on Kanye West, whether he talked to him, the beef of Drake and Pusha T, and whether he will make music with his “brother” in the future. Common also looks back at some of his past beefs.

Robert Glasper and Karriem Riggins speak on the marriage of jazz and hip hop, how they came together and more.

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  1. Said this on a Fantano video, I’ll restate it for 97 because it’s important: ot97 are the ones leading the hate on YE. Ebro. The E stands for extraterrestrial. Kanye sings about lights a lot (all of the lights, flashing lights) the lights refers to various ufo lights in the sky. Ebro is terrified kanye will whistleblow his alien activities so they put a hit piece on him. Investigate hot97. Keep asking questions.

  2. I'm confused you guys don't have time to listen to Kanye's 20 minute album but you can talk about him every day since he started trolling. Just admit it you're obsessed with him like the rest of us.

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