@HOT97 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Being Underestimated, Her Humble Beginnings + Rep. Joe Crowley

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez returns to Ebro in the Morning following her historic victory to give us a more detailed look at her past, her humble beginnings as a bartender, interning for Ted Kennedy, growing up in New York City and much more.

Minutes after learning about a report that Rep. Joe Crowley was considering running in November’s election as a 3rd party candidate for the Working Families Party although they had endorsed and asked for her to run on the party as well as on the democratic ticket.

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  1. Its sad because she is so young and full of energy and trying to do good in this world but socialism never works. I don't understand why this radio station asks so many hard questions on rappers but wants to get involved politially and doesn't ask the hard hitting questions of how she will fund free healthcare, free college and free government jobs for everyone.

  2. Her dad owned a architecture firm, bought a home in York Town and this is where she lived. There's a reason she keeps talking about the Bronx and being a waitress, she's trying to hide the fact she comes from wealth. Look how long it takes her to explain where she's from. Be real tell us about who you are.

  3. I am so ready for new and inspiring candidates. New York voting seems really messed up…he lives in Va but represents NY. Its important to live where you represent, otherwise how could you really help the area, if you dont really know the problems their facing?

  4. Socialism is great until you run out of other people's money. If there's a safety net there people won't put in that work. Everybody will be an artist and income will be secondary. It'll never work. Plus, the politicians are a part of the elite. You think they're going to sacrifice their status for the middle class? It'll never happen.

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