Hila Becomes An American Citizen – H3 Podcast #144

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-107 Grand Street NYC, NY 10013
-Sept 20-22
-We will be there Sept 20th from 11am-3pm
-Will be available online at https://www.ripndipclothing.com/ Sept 20th

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  1. 52:32 “I gotta think about it if it’s a funny joke”

    Bruh you either laugh or you don’t. It shouldn’t take like an hour of conversation and contemplation to figure out if someone’s joke is funny to you

  2. Why do a collab with a guy who beat his wife and stole the brand and designs from the people he started it with? Love the designs but i can't give Ryan O'Connor any of my money

  3. The show is becoming less and less gag friendly…. come on guys. It's slowly starting to look like you have no funny ideas left. Just be disgusting/low brow humour. Have you nothing to say anymore? Your humour used to be about making us think or look differently at a situation/person/idea/etc. You're losing that.


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