Here’s How Pusha-T Feels About Drake’s Alleged ‘Career-Ending’ Diss

Pusha-T spoke with GQ about his feelings regarding Drake’s rumored response to “The Story of Adidon” as well as the state of beef rap in the social media age.

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  1. One thing I discovered about this beef is how much drake fans love him. I had idea. They were disappointed about his child than they were the actual battle but they still support him. Drake will be ok.

  2. Drake will always have his pop fans and tbh he can have them. Real rap and hip hop fans already know Aubrey lost. He will make money of his album no doubt, but brand Drake took a huge hit. Not a mortal wound, but he is hurt. Lost credibility and respect. His black face explanation was piss poor, and only accepted by his stans.

  3. pusha aint relevant enough to end drakes career. his only good song was a feature by another artist. he gonna be forgotten inna couple of months. drizzy been in this game for over 10 years. he was just clout chasin

  4. How dear you bring ye into my versus/ I'm selfish I want all of the curses rebooking the churches with mean versus/ three hearse if we all go to hell it be well worth it.., how can you respond to dat.. Pusha T win fatality and my motherfuckin Mortal Kombat voice

  5. Too many Drake groupies and new age rap fans in the comments that keep talmbout how much Drake gon sell. Who cares? Did he lose miserably or not? And if he throws shots at Push on his new album he loses again.

  6. Push won, I'm from the projects of New Orleans and I just didn't understand why this nigga (Pusha T) so worried about other niggas business anyway. He's been on this shit for years. Like a baby momma would do. Weird nigga. Don't get it. Crazy to see a nigga go out of his way to cause harm. White people shit.

  7. Nobody believes there is a diss track or even career ending nothing u can do to Push he's been underrated his whole career and Kanye been doing goofy stuff having ghost writers and he's even friends with Trump and thought slavery was a choice but not really I guess smh lol

  8. Black Face Aubrey has nothing. His crack team of ghost-writers got no material on Pusha. Drake holds the big giant L on his head and Pusha did Drake's son a big favour by exposing him and saying the things the little kid would want to say to Drake when he's grown older.

  9. I honestly don't want to hear any subliminals on his album.  if I hear any, they will go in one ear and out the other.  he has no right in my mind to shoot no shots at Push a day late and a dollar short after he has touted himself in the past about timely responses and being able to handle everything.  it's like this…you don't get B*** slapped, your daddy come save you, and then come back talking more ish like you're still the man.

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