Halloween Extravaganza & Candy Tier List – H3 Podcast #154

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  1. On the whole FB ads topic: I run a profitable eyewear eCommerce business, in which, the main source of my income comes from FB/IG ads. I have ads disapproved and disabled, regularly, because my ad creatives show a "close up of a human body feature" IE a FACE wearing sunglasses!.. Sometimes for just seconds!!! Meanwhile, other brands show far worse body exposure. Meanwhile, the system shoves eyewear ads onto my feed ALL DAY with similar face features.. It's hit or miss and I agree that positive changes need to be made to the algorithm to sift through the good and the ugly.

  2. The rating system should work this way:

    The point system

    S = +3
    A = +2
    B = +1
    C = 0
    D = -1
    E = -2
    F = -3

    Everyone gets to assign each candy a rating. The total amount of points for each candy dictates the place of the candy.


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