Greg Jennings doesn't think the Rodgers-LaFleur relationship is going to work | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Greg Jennings discusses his former teammate Aaron Rodgers and his new coach Matt LaFleur. Hear why Greg doesn’t think that Rodgers and LaFleur will be able to last long and co-exist with each other.

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Greg Jennings doesn’t think the Rodgers-LaFleur relationship is going to work | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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  1. Don't let this distract you from the fact that Rodgers and the 1st team offense scored on 4/6 of their live practice drills yesterday

    He likes the different offensive style
    He wants to win.

  2. It's remarkable how similar the narrative for this year's Packers team is to the one surrounding the team circa-2007. New, unproven head coach looking to change things up. Stubborn (possibly selfish) QB who will resist and ultimately drag the team down. Revamped defense, with new faces but still a few potential lingering issues. Not saying this year will turn out as well as that year. It's just very intriguing.

  3. Oy. Who is this annoying Birdmouse sitting in for Jenny and how did he get this job? I thought Birdmice have been extinct for as long as the Dodo. If you turn your eyes from the screen, at times his Birdmouse pitch sounds like Jenny.

  4. When did Rob play again? Also, are there 2 b's in "football", I think Rob is pronouncing it wrong? Greg, your starting to get in your feelings bruh. Jason, couldn't you just bring the guys coffee or something?

  5. This is a load of garbage. When you've got Greg on here to talk Rodgers you can almost guarantee a spew of bs coming from Greg's mouth. Dudes salty after he left he didn't do anything. Packers are a playoff team and will be in the playoffs this year.

  6. Just give rodgers the head coach he wants. How hard is that? Superstars should have that right simply cus its about the star player…not the coach. UNLESS its a legendary coach like bill or riley or jackson or pop….etc

  7. It will not work, you can see the condescending toxicity exuberanting out of Aaron any chance he gets to throw shade, he really thinks he is a gift to football. Arrogant but simply NOT COACHABLE.

  8. So they saying u cant tell rodgers what to do. And if u let rodgers do whatever he wants they good. Because hes talented and has the best td to int ratio. And completion rate….did i get that right?. So thats more important then being coachable and a good leader and teammate. Thats more important then winning. Cuz its been a decade since he won a nfc championship and a superbowl. At the end of the day u need the qb to be a leader on the offensive side of the field. But the coach has to be the leader of the locker and team. If u have a player that doesnt allow u to do that. Or underminds u. Then it doesnt Matter how good that player is. U wont have sustained success. Like for example the patriots…..facts. U might not even have success..

  9. All you guys complaining about the moderator talking too much should know that that is most likely the plan. I've seen him on other shows as an anylyst. The producers obviously want him to join the discussion. Most of you guys complaining can't even speak properly so stop acting like you could do better. He's not that bad.


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