Goons Attempt To TACKLE Gucci Mane On Stage During Live Performance?!?!

One person caused a whole lot of drama at a Gucci Mane show on Friday night. The show, which was at Tuskegee University in Alabama, came to a brusque momentary standstill when a man rushed the stage, reported TMZ.

Before the person could do whatever it was they were planning to do, Gucci Mane’s road manager Snake came to the rescue and straight up tackled the guy. Then another member of the Gucci Mane crew jumped in. After the situation was handled, the show went on.

Gucci Mane really appreciated his manager’s quick reaction. After the incident, he posted a video of it on Instagram and wrote, “Somebody Tried to Sack The QuarterBack last nite but shout out my road manager aka Fullback @atlsnake #OnGuard #EyesUp.”

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  1. It's just a fan rapping gucci lyrics he was happy as hell.. people taking this too seriously. Gucci ain't even all that anymore after he was out of jail

  2. He definitely wasn't tryna attack Gucci. Peep the footage, nobody attacks someone making those type of hand gestures. He actually slowed down when he approached him. Smh He was just tryna get on stage with him and rock. Shouldn't have tried, but it is what it is.

  3. Feel bad for dude but that what happen when you on stage tho, but to me he look like he was happy too be close too Gucci an ended being sacked by Gucci people. It was too much going with his team but I understand.

  4. everyone on that left side need to get fired. how a man from across stage and the other stop the attacker. it means the other side wasnt paying attention

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