FightHype.com was on hand in Los Angeles, California where unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin and challenger Vanes Martirosyan came face to face for the first time and spoke to the media about their upcoming May 5 showdown. Check out what both fighters had to say!


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  1. Triple G I lost a tremendous amount of respect for you when refused to fight Demetrius Andrade but instead sign to fight Vanes Martirosian a guy that Andrade dominated…SMDH

  2. Let’s be fair ima fan of the Charlo brothers but how can Jermall get a title shot after beating a guy like Hugo ??? Hugo hasn’t beat any top contenders. Why can’t he just hunt down the guys Ggg has beat and try and do better or fight someone that people say GGG is ducking like Billy joe even tho I don’t believe that. People would respect him more if he took this route.

  3. Tomato can fighting clown. Take that paper weight white hype fake record and shove it. You already have a draw (which is actually a loss, for blocking with your face vs clenelo Alvaroids) both received L's lmao

  4. That's like saying they have a chance against any fighter let's get Mayweather out of retirement let's see how far a charlo goes .ggg is not no bum you not knocking him out that's for sure most likely it will be charlos first loss!!!

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