Godfrey Weighs in on Drake and Pusha T Beef (Part 2)

Watch Part 1: https://goo.gl/fCYJzv
In this clip, Godfrey weighed in on the Drake and Pusha T beef. Godfrey says Pusha T baited Drizzy with the “Infrared” diss– but the follow-up, “The Story of Adidon” was a good come back. 

Godfrey also thinks Drake’s diss, “Duppy Freestyle,” wasn’t as impactful because he was too focused on numbers and commercial success. He believes Drake’s way too focused on being “hip” and that this is a turning point in today’s hip-hop scene.

Godfrey later discussed the blackface picture of Drake and how despite its original purpose as a commentary on race in the acting sphere, Pusha T repurposed it and made it fit within the narrative of his diss track. Something Godfrey said was “brilliant.”


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  1. If you want to ride DMX's tip to support your dumb story then you'd do well to mention that in a later interview DMX said he regretted what he said about Drake and he was out of line.

  2. There are still great lyricist and rappers out there. You still have guy like: Cole, Nipsey Hussle, KDOT, Chance the Rapper, Big Krit, Vic Mensa, Childish Gambino, Big Sean, Hopsin, Joey Badass… Hell you add Gates as well. Gates has a lot of substance.

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