Godfrey on J Cole, Drake, Krendrick, Tekashi, Blac Chyna, OJ (Full Interview)

Godfrey sits down with Vlad to discuss the latest celebrity headlines including J Cole, Drake, Kendrick, Tekashi, Blac Chyna, OJ Simpson. The two even compare J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar on a lyrical scale. During the interview, Godfrey also tries to do a Drake impression and spit a freestyle! Take a look at the full interview.


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  1. +Vlad You really need to get Crooked I back on here again, since it's been a while since you've interviewed him, and ask him about what it was like working with Organized Noize when working on Kurupt's 2nd album.

  2. Man just watching these video's made me realise how lucky I am to have lived through the last great decade for music which was the 1980s man. I feel sorry for the millennials born in the 80s-90s

    Music has sucked tremendously since the 90s.

    Golden age for music. 50s-80s

    Terrible age for music 90s-10s

  3. Vlad isn’t a culture vulture. He’s just a corny dude that loves hip hop culture. Just listen to his take on the music as a whole. Perfect example is black thought. Anyone working in hip hop as long as him should understand how dope he is.

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