GlokkNine on XXXTentacion’s Murder – Don’t Think About Running Up on Me (Part 5)

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Part 1:
GlokkNine spoke to VladTV about South Florida rappers blowing up right now, which he attributes to Kodak Black and XXXTentacion. When asked about X’s recent passing, GlokkNine says that he never met him, but added that he was in Miami to get a grill on the day the “SAD!” rapper was murdered. 

GlokkNine went on to speak about people switching up on him after he made it big and how he has protection around him at all times. To hear more, hit the above clip.


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  1. Vlad stop callin glock nine a south fl artist. Orlando is the epicenter of CENTRAL FL, Orange County ain’t nowhere near broward lol. “You didn’t know x” “how close is that” ole dumb ahh

  2. This generation of young niggas will buss on a nigga. I believe that part about them

    But don't ever think u won't get ran up on, it doesn't matter who u r & what yu carry with yu & what you'll do. When it's ur time to go, in other words if niggas really want u they gon have u

  3. Vlad is strugglin to have a conversation..but dude is not in the same room..he cant speak on it…or he cant talk at all.dude is OUT THERE..HE got brain damage..he say he dnt.remember…hes explaining it..the worst interveiw yet… time vlad jus put up a smilie face an talk to it!!!!

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