Glokknine Doesn’t Want a Baby That’s as Dark Skinned As Him (Part 4)

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Part 1:
In this clip, Glokknine spoke about his appearance saying that he knows he’s ugly. But said he still gets women regardless. Glokknine also reacted to Kodak Black’s comments that he can’t be with a woman as dark as him by seconding the remark.

Glokknine said that he’s not looking for a woman his complexion nor a child but after Vlad pushed him on the idea, Glokknine responded that thinking like that is really some “clown sh**.”


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  1. There's no winning in the black community, you get made fun of for being to dark and you get made fun of for being too late. I hate to say but I share the same view as Nine but in the opposite direction, I don't want my kids as light as me because all my life I've been made fun of for being light skin.

  2. this motherfuker is ignorant as all Outdoors. he can barely be understand…
    .. what the hell he is saying? he is straight-up inarticulate and he is King Coon of the coons with all that self-hate bullshit.. he needs to have no publicity at all…

  3. Guaranteed most of y’all would be the ones sitting next to one of us “dark skins” getting roasted/talked about being darker but yall wonna be mad when that fucks up our self esteem all those negative comments weren’t made by him I guarantee he been told he was “dark” or “ugly” his whole life…which is why he thinks that of himself BUT y’all mfs wonna call him a coon gtfo here.

  4. This is sad af. An he's cute to me . I love darkskin boys . Always have, but growing up they never liked me back because I'm darkskin ( milk chocolate )and not a high yellow/ red bone and the only guys that talked to me were mixed race lightskin guys. But I hope he learns yo love herself. I'm not going to call him out his name or any thing because he clearly has some self hate issues that he needs to solve.

  5. For any ladies reading this comment, Sorry in advance.
    I think all pussy look good. I just don't fuck with white girls and not cause I'm not attracted to them.

    Should've asked him "would he do something with Amara Lenegra."
    Yo shit really fucked up if you wouldn't ummhuum LaNegra.

  6. damn he should be praying for a healthy child. You not ugly because of your skin color dumbass. What state is he from? He is not ugly just retarded. He is retarded and so is his parents for putting a dumb fuck as him.

  7. …just because someone is dark skinned, that doesn't automatically make someone ugly.

    Just because someone is light skinned, that doesn't automatically make someone physically attractive.

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