GERVONTA DAVIS ANALYZES LOMACHENKO GETTING DROPPED; WARNS ABOUT HIS 95% KNOCKOUT RATIO was on hand at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland where WBC featherweight champion Gary Russell Jr. made a successful defense of his title, defeating previously undefeated Joseph Diaz Jr. via unanimous decision. Check out the scene immediately after the fight as those in attendance reacted to the performance.


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  1. God people are really clinging on to that knockdown, it seems like it's the only thing they can knock Lomachenko on… I mean he got hit with a solid flush shot from a bigger man while he was coming forward and it looked like he was little off balance as well which led to the knockdown but it still didn't seem to faze him much, he got straight back up… every fighter gets knocked down or caught with big shots at some stage throughout their careers


  3. Tank just take ur time and listen to Floyd yeah he may be annoying sometimes but the best teachers parents and bosses usually are

  4. Loma is tight but he has a loss. It's not like that fight doesnt count. He got knocked down because he got a little careless. He took care of business and that's all that matters.

  5. Ward got dropped by Kovalev, Mikey got dropped by Rocky Martinez, Marquez got dropped by Pacquiao(3+times) were those guys exposed. The hate on Lomachenko is too much. The man won 3 belts in 3 weight classes in 12 fights! Thats greatness

  6. No homo I'm Mexican and I admit I love this guy. HE IS PURE NO HOMO HES SINCERE HES LIKE A CHILD GGOD HEART AND HUMBLE. When I say like I child I mean he's innocent not hate in his heart and soul. I WISH MORE BLACK WERE LIKE THIS.IM RAISED IN LA AND VEGAS SO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE BLACK N BROWN TENTION SO ITS LIKE WERA ARE PROGRAMMED NO NOT FUCK WITH EACHOTHER. Not hate I said fuck with each other hate is too POWERFUL OF A WORD. So yeah I fucks with the most humble talented hip black fighter

  7. Andre Ward was badly hurt and just a punch or 2 away from getting KTFO by a nobody named Kenny Kost. He was also dropped so hard by Darnell Boone he still to this day can't remember the last 2 rounds of the fight. Kovalev wobbled Ward down to his soul with a jab and dropped him with a right in round 2 of their first fight, the one were Kovalev was robbed.

    Mikey Garcia was dropped with exactly the same punch by Roman Martinez as the one that dropped Loma, but unlike Loma he stayed down for 6 seconds. That was the second time Garcia has been down, Walter Estrada dropped him hard earlier on his career too and Garcia only scrapped by on 2 of the judges cards by a single point.

    Terence Crawford was badly hurt by a right hand from little midget Gamboa. Crawford's legs did a funny dance and he backed off on wobbly legs and it took at least 60 seconds for his head to clear. He was way more hurt than Loma was.

    Jermell Charlo was dropped by Charles Bellamy.

    The big difference between all those knockdowns and near knockdowns where the fighters were badly hurt and the one Loma suffered against Linares is all of those fighters were facing opponents they were either heavier than or the same weight as and it wasn't the first fight at a new weight for any of them.

    Garcia was heavier than Rocky Martinez

    Crawford had 7lbs on Gamboa

    Ward was the same weight as Kost, Boone, and if Kovalev was heavier than him it only would've been a couple of pounds max as Ward weighed 186 for his previous fight , 186 is Kovalev's third highest recorded fight night weight.

    And Charlo was the same weight or bigger than Bellamy.

    Conversely, Linares at the very least had 6 or 7lbs on Loma but it was reported by numerous sources he was 152 to Loma's 138 and it was Loma's first fight at the weight against the #1 lightweight in the world and Loma wasn't even hurt.

    I can keep going about other fighters

  8. I hate lomachenko but he beats everyone from current weight to 147 imo. He has found the blue print to beat westernstyle boxers. Knew this since the rigo win. Blacks and latinos need to buckel down and focus on technique rather than only running themselves tired in the strength and conditioning department

  9. You Dickheads don't understand. Why would he fight Loma now and get less money for knocking his bum ass 12 fights having ass out. When they can paper view it and he get a whole lot of money for knocking Loma bum ass out

  10. Bro you just beat a 126lber moving up in weight, coming off a KO loss and 2 year layoff. I don't even know how it was for a belt, that's how corrupt boxing is. Gervonta fatboy davis is a paper champ and also a weight bully…Loma walks around 140lbs and fights at 135. This dude fights at 130lbs and walks around 148lbs.

    95% KO ratio against bums

  11. That was a Money Shot of Linares . if you watch his highlights its a Knockout Blow. He also knockout a sparring partner with the same shot. Its just that loma is in a Good condition

  12. Loma: 11 of 12 fights for belt, 3 weight category. Tank: 3 of 20 fighs for belts, 1 weight category. Tank have great opposition in his resume. Like 0-4-0, 3 debutants, 4-7-0, 1-1-0, 2-8-1, 3-9-4, 47-31-1, 4-4-2 etc. goat lol 🙂

  13. Lmao he know Loma is top 5 p40 but he dont wanna loma is def above danny jacobs and canelo in p4p ggg is the only other argument because of the record

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