Gary Owen on Exposing a Racist at His Show, Got Him Fired From His Job (Part 7)

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Part 1:
In this clip, Gary Owen detailed the situation that occurred with a racist fan of his at a comedy show in Marco Island, FL. According to Gary Owen, the man in the audience was making incendiary comments throughout his set until Gary had enough. Upon their exchange, the man began tossing around racial slurs and even went as far as to message Gary on Facebook following the show. Gary talked about sharing that message and the fallout from sharing it which led to the audience member losing his job.


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  1. The guys a racist piece of shit fuck you bitch. But he could have a non racist good hearted wife and kids that depended on that check. If he was a boss or someone in position then I'm glad he lost his job but just let his dumb ass do his construction while being a idiot piece of shit by himself

  2. sounds like that dude definitely suffers from the Trump syndrome.

    whitey feeling extra empowered for no reason with that guy in office. its bringing out the worst in those types.

    and i welcome it.

  3. This is some STRAIGHT CROOKED PROPAGANDA TO RESURRECT THIS BUFFOON AS A 'FRIEND' TO BLACK PEOPLE!!! GTHOH!!! Next interview, Vlad will have his coonin' wife, swearing, "He's actually BLACK, when the lights are out…" Owens? TAKE A SEAT.

  4. I have something to say and following it up with a question to all. Gary Owens not black and even though the customer used the N word. Is Gary really in the right to destroy the individual on social media? I get that Gary felt offended some type of way but Newsflash Gary Owen, your not black. and I feel that putting that individual on social media like that is way to severe of a punishment. He probably was drunk and he probably was talking that shit but you chose to do stand up in a place of business where alcohol is served and I’m sure Gary Owen offends people in his stand ups. It works both ways and Gary went overboard with his power. Truthfully.

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