Funk Flex DISSES Cardi B in The Worst Way “She Is Thrash’ Plus She Don’t Write Her Own Lyrics”

Funkmaster Flex, the legendary DJ and Hot 97 radio host, went to Instagram Live to share his thoughts on Cardi, and the rumors that she doesn’t write her own raps. Flex clearly doesn’t think she does, as he starts off the video by saying that, “Cardi’s consistently getting somebody else to write her shit,” even dropping his famous bomb sounds to emphasize his point.

He continues by saying, “I can’t stand rappers who don’t write they shit!,” later adding, “What did we learn today boys and girls? Write your own shit! And when your shit gets funny, don’t go on the gram and turn your comments off, [and] don’t fire your management as soon as you get to the right place!

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  1. Some of you new York and nigga's need to shut up! When's the last time you broke an artist into the game… and I'm not just talking about liking, and playing their shit either! These punk's are corny! lol

  2. People need to stop hating on cardi the majority of rappers out here these days have help with their lyrics regardless to me if she has helped or not she's the total package and that's what people want to see and hear and that's what makes the money

  3. Flex is a bitch is hating on a female and to top that if somebody was to do something to him he will snitch plus he was talking shit about Pac if he was alive u wouldn't talk that shit you fucking pussy ass nigga no hair line ass nigga you fucking hater

  4. Flex your an icon in the music thing but give kardi her props shes doing her thang..but you know more than I do in the music thing but if you say so …you got bars on me when it comes to that…I do not know she don't write her lyrics so you got a point homie

  5. The thing is she's not fronting, she knows like everybody knows she has a Ghostwriter, she never claimed that she did write her own music. I don't get this dude… I got love for you flex but come on now. It's a lot of people in this music industry that doesn't write their own music, what else is new!

  6. flex love ya bro but u wrong on this one bro like for real bro think and im not saying she writes all her lyrics but what i am saying is you can tell when she is and if she does have a ghost writer bring that dumb weak muthfuxker here He/she needs to be slap the fuc up for writing bullsht like you can fucing tell when its hers and when its hers and if its not then tell the ghostwriter he/she needs a ghost writer bruh.

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