French Montana Gets SMOKED In Court For $2 Million By Waka Flocka’s Mom Deb Antney?!?!

French Montana owes Waka Flocka’s mom — rap manager Debra Antney — nearly $2 million stemming from an old lawsuit and now she’s filed new docs to make sure she gets paid her money.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Antney’s company, Mizay Entertainment, filed for a sister state judgment stemming from a $1,999,588.41 judgment she won against French last year.Mizay won the judgment in Georgia and the sister state judgment allows the company to collect in California.

Antney won her lawsuit against French in 2017 (and no one noticed) for $1,864,012.50 and was subsequently awarded $135,140.91 more for interest when the final judgment was entered in January 2018.

Based on the court documents, it seems French never responded to the lawsuit.

Antney initially sued French, who used to be a client of hers, in 2013 claiming he went behind her back to make deals.

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  1. Does he even have $2 million? If he don't she can't collect anyways. Look at J prince he won a $11 million lawsuit against birdman and he only paid 2 mil and birdman ain't paying him shit else

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