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WELCOME BACK!! This is me. This is Yousef.

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  1. I absolutely love these types of videos they definitely are underrated which is a shame, as they will help so many. With vids like this can you lower the music volume please, I find it hard to focus, normally you don't have your background music as loud as yourself.

  2. Wow thank you for this. I appreciate you discussing this topic. There is a woman In my life that I highly admired and wanted to look like. The other day she said discouraging things about my body and how I wasn't attractive because my shape was different from hers. My thoughts of admiration and motivation turned into jealousy and anger. This is an event that happened in my life where I became dissatisfied with what I was blessed with and in turn, showed poor character by being jealous instead of grateful for what I have. Its always nice to know we are not alone with these types of things and can help each other learn to respond better to situations. I have prayed and I am no longer angry or jealous, and I have forgiven what was said to me. I choose to love me and always compare myself to who I was yesterday. Thanks again for the encouraging video

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