@fousey What To Do When Your Bad Day Keeps Getting Worse. :)

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YOOOO! Just a reminder! I also uploaded a new video onto fouseyTUBE today so don’t forget to check that out! It’s a full vlog. BTW. Have you coppped your new merch?! THUMBS up for more of these videos! 🙂

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  1. The humility is endearing. Honestly, you’re always so considerate for other people’s opinion, recognizing that they’re entitled to that. That’s why your so selfless. You’re aware. You’re caring. You give out what you want back. Bless your soul bruh bruh love you ❤️. (P.s. I literally stopped listening to X once I saw the notification, that’s love!)

  2. Oh be quiet on this one it’s just too much, now I’m not trying to bring you down it’s just an honest opinion, I apologize if I hurt your feelings fous, ttyl

  3. today wasn't really my best day. Many people I know are sick rn, I've been wasting my time today, I don't know what I want to do, and I'm not getting things I want. Thank you for uploading this video today. Please make more videos like this and you will be a great motivational speaker. Correction: You are a great motivational speaker growing to be a world famous speaker

  4. Hey Fousey, I honestly wasn’t having a good week, but gladly I saw this video and it made me realize what I was doing wrong, that I needed to change my mentality into a positive one, this motivated me so much to be aware of my mood and take care of myself. Thank you for this video keep it up.

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