@fousey i honestly don’t know.

i honestly don’t know and don’t know how to say it. i just felt like pulling out the camera and saying something but i know no matter what i say is just going to get hated on so i just choose to hold it all in. anyways, just wanted to say hi. i’m alive. no excuses. no explanations. i just don’t know. let the dislikes begin..

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  1. FOUSEY!!!
    I think I can relate to your feelings, I feel the same way at times in life. Sometimes I'm really motivated and energetic; and sometimes I just feel f***ing low, to the point where I want to give up and stay down in the black hole. It's a part of life bro, take a break from YouTube and social media and prioritise yourself(if you don't already). This means to sit down with a piece of lined paper and simply write down what you want to have(such as future wife), what you want to achieve(such as success in brand). the most IMPORTANT thing to write down is what you will do to get their, to get closer to your goal. Fousey, "I fall to get back up again". Remember this phrase? It's yours. Your the person who motivates me and your the person I watch every morning(I downloaded a motivational video of yours). Stay STRONG, Stay PATIENT, Keep having FAITH and Insha'Allah everything will get better.❤

  2. I don't think your stupid at all, Yousef. Personally, I've been struggling with being really down, and I can't even think of a reason. And it's been years. About a year or 2 ago I came out and said to my mom that I'm not happy, she asked me why, and I just said I don't know and I feel like she didn't really understand. I've never talked about how I feel with my old friends or anyone really. I don't even have friends anymore because I kinda just distanced myself from everyone. So yeah. I'm not really good at "saying the right thing", but all I'm going to say is that I hope you get through this, cause I hope I do too.

  3. Bro, please, listen to your mom, and give Quran/Islam a try, it helps with depression alot i swear, just for a week, and see for yourself how is it like to feel … Good, spiritually.
    May God help you get through this.

  4. I can't believe some of the comments in here. So much hate for a person you eagerly wait to watch. He uploaded this video a few minutes ago, and as quickly as some of you could, you left a hateful comment. Truly, the comments don't say anything about Fousey, but rather are a reflection of the commenter. This negativity towards another fuels your insecurities, but trust me, it doesn't last. I'm not subscribed to Fousey, but I've been watching him on and off for a few years, and he is a genuine person. It takes strength to acknowledge how you feel, rather than constantly undermining it in hopes that it will dissipate, and it takes bravery to express that to so many people. It doesn't matter what you have or don't have, it is a deeper issue rooted in unresolved emotions. I respect Fousey for this video, and his other videos like this one. I think they have far more value than the ones where he's having "fun", because the deeper you connect with people, the more you realize the pain they are hiding, and most people are afraid to connect with you because they are afraid to connect with themselves. I know this, because I am a person and I know people. We are all the same, and the sooner we recognize this, the sooner we will be able to heal as a society. I hope this comment reaches Fousey and others because I know life is a very difficult, perplexing mystery, but we all have the capacity to understand it if we are willing to understand ourselves. We all feel immense shame for some of our thoughts and emotions, and it hinders our spiritual growth. It is a disturbing cycle that I can relate to. You can see the pain in people, man, and the many ways they express it: indifference, anger, jealousy, etc. We need to help ourselves and realize that everyone is connected. We are all the same consciousness expressed in different forms, beyond race, religion, laws, whatever. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

  5. Break the circle of your actions and start acting different,that’s the only way that will get you out of your bad energy or thinking , it’s not easy nothing in life is easy but it’s worth it. in the end you only got yourself remember that

  6. You aren't born with depression, if you keep telling yourself that you're sad, you brain will send those signals. You can come out of this state once you stop telling yourself that you're depressed.

  7. you need a relation with your god , try it , put some goals for your life .
    you feel you did every thing .
    so at some point you will feel sad , because you feel your life is pointless .
    and im sorry for that but at the moment you have a pointless life .

  8. I have been hating your content for the last year or 2 but this video changed my mind. I know exactly what you are saying about not knowing how to explain things and feeling stupid about it. I live like this all the time and it sucks but just hang in there things will get betrer

  9. ground hog day fousey keep it up bro, ive been one of your biggest haters, reason being all the things i dont liek about you are things i dont like about myself. through the anger is actually empathize with you more than i expected. a lot of people battle through depression thinking its externally cauesd, yet think different.

  10. That's mental illness at it's finest. No reason to be not doing well but you aren't and no matter what you do or how much is in your arsenal, negative feelings always creep through. No need to try to make us understand or give us answers. We've all been here through every up and every down! Things will look up again and we will all still be here. ❤

  11. Y do you always have that mindset where you are “going to get hate” everytime you apologize for not making videos for a few days or weeks, the comment section is mostly love and support. You need to change that mindset and think positive

  12. Yousef, this void is because you're far from Allah. Believe me, you'll be much happier if you go back to Allah. Start praying and try getting back on the straight path and Inshallah you'll get to where you want to be.

  13. Life can really feel superficial at times.. Well because it is, We treat each other badly and we are selfish and shallow and divided.. it makes life hard, then people do not understand the sometimes on top of that people have a chemical imbalance in their brain that causes depression and not the normal kind that you can just snap out of it…

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