Flashback: XXXTentacion on Being in Love w/ Ex Girlfriend, Doing Blood Bond (Part 7)

In this clip, XXXTentacion talked about being eager to fight. He said being a smaller dude created the potential for people to disrespect him so he was always on edge ready for what someone could or would bring his way.

X went into how music saved his life after his relationship with his mother took a turn. He pointed out how he lost his confidence and even attempted suicide on several occasions. X also talked about how his ex-girlfriend was integral in keeping him alive during that period in time despite their own tribulations with distrust and insecurity.

Credit: NoJumper Podcast/Adam 22 https://goo.gl/fZ8RW1


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  1. Vlad you using X death for views Idgaf. Just go tell people to go to No Jumper YOU didnt do the interview so now I keep saying "new" uploads of an old interview that happened on another podcast
    The fucking shame, unsubbed.

  2. Clearly, this is someone who is very insecure and mentally and emotionally unstable.
    Much ike many people today, they some how like to seek their destruction.
    I never cared for his music but on a human level, sad.

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