Flashback: T.I. Details Why He Purchased Guns Illegally, Getting Convicted

Back in 2013, T.I. spoke to VladTV about his federal weapons charge and the situation surrounding him getting convicted. The Atlanta superstar detailed why he thought it was necessary to purchase guns illegally as a convicted felon and why the situation was a “double-edged sword.” 

To hear more, hit the above clip.


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  1. If it was a normal person with felons in the same situation he was in they would of damn near got life getting caught with all them guns he had and that's faxx.

  2. Ti is a small man he feels the need to have a firearm or people around for him to feel safe he also famous and with fame comes hate and love by the people around him….I understand why he feels the need to have a weapon but he didn’t think things through

  3. His van got shot up… and homie Big Phil got killed… Not to mention the death threats saying "it ain't over you next". Basically TIP was protecting himself and his family after a traumatic experience.

  4. why dont yall just check out a european reppin american thats gonna have yall minds blown? come to my channel to see what im talkin about cuz since yall here for that real shit u gon feel my statements through music im tryna make the hip hop scene international so let me influence yall on breaking them bariers in life

  5. This dude has been living in his head since 2003. Multiple personality disorder much? His conviction.. though he won't say… was part of the PLEA BARGAIN. Why don't he just say that? Charges always change during the process. "Let's negotiate".. "OK I will take this. Where do I sign?" To say he felt the need he really means to say he really felt the need to save money and go hard rather than just pay for a few more guards. lol. Rubba band man ain't got bands for a full band to protect or what? If I were in a position like him I would do like beats and sequence soldiers of my own 1 block ahead, 1 block after and around me. Organize. Boss up.

  6. What’s with all these flashback? Vladtv can be so lame sometimes. And stop interviewing shoreline mafia because nobody gives a fuck. Only interviews I wanna see are godfrey, luenell, and go damn it what happened to Monique’s interview?

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