Flashback: Spice 1 on Rappers that Wear Dresses and Nail Polish

Spice 1 talked with VladTV about how hip-hop has changed, and how he disagrees with today’s fashion in hip-hop. Along with that, Spice also gave us his thoughts on Allen Iverson being the reason the NBA changed their dress code.

Check out the full clip above.


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  1. if a young nigga could fade the old dude they would just fade away but 50 year old jayz still rapping cuz a young nigga can't fade him so spice one that nigga til YG fade him lol not

  2. How could a basketball coach be prejudice? lol That seems like an oxymoron. Most employers have some sort of dress code so if they want players to dress in suits or something that's understandable shit they make enough money to wear nice clothes

  3. So he just judged people for the way they dressed called them gay and shit.. Then turns around and says fuck people who tries to tell others how they should dress to be part of an organization.. Scratching my head..

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