Flashback: Russ- Producers are the Reason Music is Wack Today, Not the Rappers

Back in 2016, Russ shared his thoughts on the current state of hip-hop, explaining that a lot of producers today are making similar sounding beats. He added that the “pedantic” nature of the situation leads to wack music, and is the reason why he thinks the producers are to blame, not rappers.

To hear more, hit the above clip.


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  1. this is a L
    i mean cmon
    there is 2379568312789 producers on fucking reddit who do boombap
    or super creative shit
    and they gone give you shit for free sometimes

    if a video contains russ
    its a L

  2. He should have elaborate on Lyrics vs Producers, he is 100 about the producers, yet the commercial world he is in, artists should have a lil more control than most over the beats they acquire….

    On the otherhand, we also have "commercially" lowered our standards upon lyrical ability, so he shouldn't have singled out producers only….

    He is still young hopefully he will learn to speak to the audience while in interview, not just answering questions for a check

  3. It's cool to hate dude but what he saying is facts! Not saying the trap beats are wack but if that's all your producer is making tf you gone do make a lyrical song to a trap beat lol. Niggas will make up anything to ignore that fact but if all lil pumps producers were dj premier or clark Kent or dr dre or RZA or madlib he wouldn't be able to get away with rapping the way he does it wouldn't sound right just like a lyrical rapper wouldn't be able to do the same with zay or sonny or tm88 or metro.

  4. The rapper and producer should be on the same page so that they will compliment each other and in doing so, the rapper and producer will seem like the perfect marriage.

  5. 2:04 "It's like picking the tallest midget in the room. Yeah, you're the tallest midget, but you're still hella short." Nice analogy. Also, speaking of which, rest in peace Verne Troyer also known as Mini-Me.

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