Flashback: Lil Baby Almost Gets Vlad to Blow His Cover as the Police

In this Flashback from 2017, Lil Baby spoke to VladTV about going to prison at 18 after getting kicked out of a program he was supposed to be in for 6 months. He revealed that it was a fight with a racist white guy that got him booted, but Lil Baby said the program made it nearly impossible to succeed.

During the conversation, Lil Baby spoke about what it was like being in prison, including seeing people his age that he knew that are locked up on double life sentences. To hear more, including people being targeted in prison, hit the above clip.


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  1. I've always noticed that Vlad interrogates tf outta people but it wasn't until this title that I realized this man knows hella DETAILS on everybody's life for some reason. You a DJ dawg lol where you gettin this info from?

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