Flashback: Gucci Mane – The Only Beef I Got is Filet Mignon

In this Flashback clip, Gucci Mane talks about his songwriting techniques, aspiring to be a poet as a kid, gives advice to the younger generations, and much more.

Gucci Mane said that when it comes to writing songs, he likes to have a crowd around, which pushes him to go harder with his music and crank out a hit song.

He also noted likes to make the type of music he’ll know that people will like, and point out that his team has a lot to do with getting his music out to the masses.

To hear more of what Gucci had to say, hit the above clip.


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  1. Can't tell me this new Gucci and this Gucci the same person… You can't get rid of lisps,shape of ones cranium,black n mild lips,and ear placement..

  2. In any event younger generations should opt for trades vs college it takes a longer to work from the bottom up but it beats fake debt or educational lending scams against students
    Also beats sjw pussyhat indoctrination as men need to be men not pussies like they were under Obama

  3. he the same nigga…yall talm bout clones n shit…its niggaz who was 1000× more ignorant and ghetto than gucci, who u wouldnt believe is the same person after the pin…jail is 1 thing, but the pin has a way of changin niggaz

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