Flashback: Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll is a Stock Expert Serving Life in Prison

In this flashback from 2017, Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll broke down the importance of financial literacy. He said “Financial literacy is one of the biggest issues that plague our society. 90% of crimes committed are money related, yet only 1% of the programs that cater to people in prison and out deal with finance. I am here to be a solution for that, at least from my perspective.”

Known as the “Oracle of San Quentin”, Curtis Caroll was convicted of murder/robbery 20 years ago and was sentenced to 54 years to life behind bars at an age when most of us were busy going on awkward dates as we attempted to navigate high school.

Curtis came up in what can be considered ground zero of the crack epidemic; Oakland, California. Carroll’s desire to change his circumstance forced him to educate himself and at the same time awakened a conscious he long ago buried under multiple rap sheets as a youth. 

Carroll now sees his life as an opportunity to teach financial literacy the masses, attributing crime, or the motive behind it, directly to the disconnect between financial security and most people. He compares finance to a soap opera in that he attempts to find a narrative to which people are emotionally connected to, and determines his move based on that. Salute to Curtis Carroll and Sway for an important interview. Watch above.

Source: Sway Calloway – “The Last Mile Radio”


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  1. I think this guy deserves to get out now, he is obviously rehabilitated, 1/3 of 54 years would make him eligible for parole by now. or does 54-life mean he has to serve a minimum of 54 years in america?

  2. a 17yr old kid
    [both parents on drugs] gets caught up gets 54 yrs in jail [life]…Cops shoot a man in cold blood in front of his wife and children…and WALKS FREE.
    anybody else see somn wrong with this picture.

  3. knowing about stocks from prison is one thing (him) but being able to generate millions of dollars from stocks is another (me). anyone ever seen this guys real actual track record of investments?? lol

  4. He’s a victim of his environment. He only knows what he was taught. This is the problem in a lot of black neighborhoods. There are no resources and opportunities.
    All the dominant society plant is weapons and drugs for your disposal.
    And the cycle continues generation after generation until the real issues are addressed.

  5. Scary part is people always think when ur a teenager or even in your twenties your grown …nope not even close I always say when u hit 32 that’s when u kinda get the gist of the game we call life

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