Flagrant 2: How To Not Pay Taxes (Full Episode)

This week Andrew, Akaash, and Kaz discuss: Westbrook to the Rockets, white girls dancing better than black girls, how to not pay taxes, this week’s flagrant thoughts, Ben Simmons and more. INDULGE!!

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  1. The precious metals have actual value because of their unique combination of chemical properties. Gold, for example, is a good conducter of heat and energy, is one of a select few metals that does not oxidize, is resistant to corrosion, and naturally occurs in it's purest form.

  2. Good concept but we will never have ONE currency because once the currency is levelled the power goes to whoever has all the resources and the western countries tend not to.

    So as SOON as you have one curreny and there is no real power in the dollar that 200k you would have paid to get 1billion worth of rice in India is now just 200k to get 200k worth of ricen and guess what now? They produce it naturally you dont

    So you have nothing they need and they have everythibg you need. Eventually you paying is up is going to drain you and your going to have to work out some pretty fucked up deals.

    The west literally survive of percieved wealth and value when they have nothing to offer the world.

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  4. Yo, there are limits to your write-offs and you cant wholesale write off your personal expenses. For your own sake don't write off your personal expenses under the guise of business expenses. There are many ways in which this works out wrong.

    1. In an audit, you're not fooling anyone when the cards must be laid out.
    2. Commingle business and personal funds you will lose the protections of limits on liability.
    3. You sign your taxes no one else. Advice from an expert in no way absolves you from your responsibilities to guarantee your statements are accurate and abide by the laws.
    When someone says's "I got a guy" 90% of the time its someone betting that they can fudge your numbers and your to dumb to know that you're holding all the liability for whatever they write down.

    If you need the money you will not save on taxes like the big guys. The tax workarounds are for those who don't need to touch that money so it never becomes income. These incentives to reinvest keep the country growing, and not a devious plan of the 1%. For any individual considering strategizing the first order of importance should be having an audit free existence and second statements that are bulletproof. Dont be afraid to pay a little extra if you're truly growing and giving value you will get yours. This statement holds true in all aspects of a business.


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