First Take reacts to Commission on College Basketball calling for NCAA reform | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman are joined by Will Cain to react to reports of the Commission on College Basketball calling for NCAA reform.

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  1. At least let them make money outside. If a local business wants to pay you as a sponsor to be in an Ad or something.. they should be able to.

    I get the schools not paying the students, though. Barely. I know some schools have less popular sports funded by football and basketball revenue. Plus, I’m in college and I have friends that are student athletes.. they are definitely getting somewhat compensated.

  2. Sorry Stephen A but the NCAA problems are not the NBAs issue. If they wanna keep pretending their shit is amateurism, let them keep dealing with issues they brought on themselves.

  3. Let's be honest. Less than 1% of all college football and basketball players make it to the pros. I seem like everyone including the fans and media forget the remaining 99% is going to go home with nothing but memories. Don't forget fans, when players are cut for incoming red shirt fresh men they are not told they can finish their education.

  4. If a coach commits an infraction like sexual assault, murder (not out of self defense), or distributing banned substances, then they should be banned for life. The NBA is a billion dollars brand within itsself, staying in college won't hurt. Their not going anywhere. These parents need to be held accountable for their child's well being.

  5. Luke Doncic signed a pro contract when he was 13 years old. Just imagine if a 15 or 16 year old black kid here in the U.S. would do that. People like Will Cain would be calling him a thug and arguing that his parents are evil and need to be thrown in jail. If someone decides they won't to give a young man or young woman gifts or money in hopes of getting that young person to either go to a university or to some day sign with them and be represented by them then so what. The NCAA will never pay athletes but they shouldn't allow others from paying young men or women if they chose to do so.

  6. Ms. Rice along with the White House administration at the time of 911 should be put on a military tribunal for lying about 9/11… The motto for 911 was, "we will never forget"… But…war is more important…

    "Money trumps peace"…says George Bush, after 9/11…

    There is plenty of video evidence recording the explosions and the documentation of molten steel flowing like a river, The fact that the boots of the workers in the clean up effort would melt HOURLY and people had to donate boots so people can continued though relief effort.


  7. If you want to solve this issue, don't allow marketing on college gear, then the money being thrown around by these companies to these schools will work its way towards reforming the amateurism and discontinue that slave system

  8. The NCAA is bullshit. Allow players to make money period. Dont pay them, dont allow ncaa or the university and staff to pay them, but besides that allow them to make money on their own. That includes play professionally for a year or two and coming back and playing in the ncaa if they choose if theyre still age appropriate

  9. People don't realize that one of the huge reasons for the non-payment of college athletes is because of the all of us or none of us theory. If they pay basketball athletes, they'll have to pay all athletes in their schools. The only ncaa sport that brings in money is basketball, football, and to some extent baseball and track. Apart from that, NOTHING else brings in money and they'll have to pay all student athletes raw cash which is up to at most 1000 students, at least for big d-1 schools, and still provide them other amenities. Big schools may not have this problem but smaller school does and quite frankly if this pay college athletes become a thing, schools will be screwed indefinitely

  10. Not all universities make a ton of $ on basketball. Baseball gets it. AAA games r not televised outside of local markets and most A+ level talents go pro out of HS. Go G league or international and IF u go to college, u commit for 2-3 years. Those programs fund a ton of other stuff including Title IX sports and academic buildings/programs. If u want $ out of HS, go. If not, strict amateurism enforced. Now youth basketball fixes?? I'm all ears because I don't see the FBI targeting Nike execs over this.

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