First Take debates how much ‘damage’ Kawhi Leonard has caused Spurs | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate how much “damage” Kawhi Leonard has caused the San Antonio Spurs with his handling of his injury.

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  1. People are so retarded he never goes to away games he comes during home games and at the time of the playoffs he was on the east coast wtf would he fly from the east to the west for 2 games he is also being looked out for by 2 spur officials

  2. I know what it's all about. Kawhi was the #1 player in the NBA, and idiots who run the NBA went and tested him for drugs because ………. they were desperate for a Cleveland Golden State finals. That was what would bring in the most money and the NBA is ALL about money. When they tested Kawhi for drugs – he lost the thing (power) that made him #1, then he had bad luck with the Zaza injury. The NBA deserves it when Kawhi does not play. NBA are jerks. greedy jerks. And Stephen A – is as genuine as a three dollar bill.

  3. You guys don’t talk about that kawhi is cautious because this is the same injury that derailed grant hill’s career. You guys just want to start drama

  4. Yaw can sugar coat what kahwi leonard has done all you want, but i lost all respect for him. He is obviously faking an injury to force the spurs to trade him. Pop and the classy spurs organization dont deserve this.

  5. It was a stupid question max they didn't play small Danny green is legit only defender they have the spurs are small beside gasol and Aldridge bertans and Anderson but they all don't have footwork that's why Danny has to guard durant he's also there second best defensive player behind kawhi

  6. WHAT THE heck is Max talking about dude!!??? Pop hurt the team…??? How?? He is upset that at his age, he has to coach these guys without their best player and again exist from the first round.
    Kawhi was practising a few months ago, doing 2 on 2 and 3 on 3s, like please!?
    Your team needs you and this is what you do!!??
    I'm down for players having some power but what the heck is this! Kobe played in the finals with a broken finger in his shooting hand. a season later, he was playing an major knee injury.
    MJ played when had the flu "food poisoning", and more and more… NBA years are not to mess with cuz they pass so fast!!!!
    The dude is getting influenced by his camp to get his money and rather than making it better, he is hurting himself and the team. Like what team will get him to the max with this attitude!!?? I say No team!

  7. Kawhi Leonard is doing the right thing he doesn't want to go out like Grant Hill or Tracy McGrady or Brandon Roy or Isaiah Thomas. The list goes on and on of players returning to soon because of Team pressure.

  8. Kwai is a traitor hope he gets traded he is not injured he is faking you don’t get a quad injury for a year he can suck it up
    Larry Bird sucked it up so did MJ and Kobe
    Westbrook played an entire game with a torn meniscus
    Westbrook played an injury that’s supposed to last 3 months but he missed one day because he cares Kwai is a bitch

  9. @ it aint always..kwahi put the work in,but not by himself with the coaching staff,and TEAM MATES.its a business but the spurs pay him alot of money he owes the team if he isn't going to play he should be on the bench supporting his team

  10. Everyone has opinions. Yes, Spurs cleared him to play; we've all seen how teams always do what's best for the team *just ask IT. Yet we've seen Irving, IT & Kwahi misdiagnosed. Anyone question why same organization couldn't get his recovery date first time around? Ok, that could happen; funny all of a sudden fans know what's best for him when he practically played for ya'll when not even 100% last season.

  11. It's a player's league. There's no Popp without Duncan. There's no title without Kawhi. Be thankful you're still employed. The difference between the all time great coaches and Popp is that they played…other than Red, who gave his coaching job to the GOAT with titles left on the table. Too big for his britches.

  12. This is pyscollgcal for kwahi or being manipulated by hes uncle. Hes paid he needs to play. Healthy or not but if u have the passion play the game. This is not good kwhai doesnt care about the team anymore

  13. I see it like this. He's physically and mentally probably not 100%. Therefore, he wants to stay out, put the work in and beast next season. Since he's such a quiet man, he's probably too scared to come out and talk

  14. he honestly looks & sounds depressed… I think it's more than just a physical issue.
    he's Not Happy, whether it's a san antonio thing, or private family issues, there's a sadness & melancholy about him, when he speaks & tries to address the media. ;

    he needs to Find a source or place of Joy & get some 'Life' back into his soul ~

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