Fabolous Speaks on Life Lessons, His Career and Industry Trends & 'Summertime Shootout3'

Fabolous stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about his latest project ‘Summertime Shootout 3’.

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Fabolous Speaks on Life Lessons, His Career and Industry Trends & ‘Summertime Shootout3’ | SWAY’S UNIVERSE

Sway’s Universe

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  1. One of the best albums of the year. its clean , its precise, the vibe is there track after track. I caught myself listening to almost 7 songs without feeling like i needed to skip songs. I mean this album is good really good.

  2. Nowadays the new generation support music that makes your head hurt. Fab hang in there. Do you what you love. Nobody can hold you back no matter what they say. Breathe Is a head banger

  3. Its crazy how he says that even after his SECOND album dropped, he still didnt really know how official he was as an artist when I copped his first and second album when they dropped when I was in high school thinking how sick Fab was. Salute to a real MC


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